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When you make an appointment at the Write Site, the appointment begins on the hour for both the day schedule and the night schedule. Please arrive for your appointment promptly. If you are late, your appointment may be canceled so that other students can work with a writing tutor. When you sign up for a one-hour appointment, you will only work with the tutor for approximately forty-five minutes. This allows the tutor to write a brief report about your work together and to read reports for the next scheduled client.

The Write Site is closed on any days and/or nights that classes are not scheduled or are canceled. This includes snow days or other days classes are not held.

Don't forget that there are separate schedules for day and night hours. If you are interested in making an appointment during on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night, you may click on the "Schedule" drop-down box and select "Nights -- Spring 2014." Students may meet with Write Site tutors up to twice a week. In other words, students are limited to two appointments per week, whether on the day schedule or on the night schedule, or mixed between both.

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